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Statistic Reporting

Effective Web Site Management helps you understand the who; what; where and when of your web site. Understanding and evaluating your site usage will help you to understand the user experience:

  • Who your users are
  • What your users do
  • When they visit, in the day or week they visit and most often
  • Where in the world they come from
  • Who refers them to the website

This ongoing examination process leads to targeting marketing efforts in order to attract users to the website; then tweaking content and site design to retain user attention once they are on the website, after all in web space the competition is only a click away.

Understanding your sites statistics also shows the effectiveness of search engine placement and marketing efforts.

We provide these and other effective maintainence tools as a service to our customers.

Let us "Help You Extend Your Reach" and cater to your Web Design needs. 978-423-4252 or email us for a quote today!

We guarantee friendly, professional service at reasonable rates.


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